De La Terra Kitchen

Mediterranean Soul Food  & Beyond

De La Terra Kitchen was founded on the idea that food has always been an essential part of building family and community across cultures. Our inspiration comes from the acknowledgment that earth, or terra, provides us with a wealth of intense flavors from colorful and vibrant foods. Celebrating earth's bold simplicity is De La Terra's passion.

While experienced in cooking cuisines from across the world, owner and Chef Antonio Candelario, specializes in modern Mediterranean soul food. He weaves together the cuisines of Morocco, Israel, Lebanon, Southern Spain Greece, Sicily and Turkey with a contemporary twist, while celebrating the unique colors of each tradition. His Bay Area pop-up series, ‘Souk,’ demonstrates that De La Terra's meals are more than just the food — it’s an experience formulated to capture sweet and sensual aromas, elegant textures, and entrancing tastes.

De La Terra’s clients appreciate the layering of elegant and bold flavors, whether they’re tasting something different for the first time, or being reconnected to a familiar dish in an enlivening way. And importantly, they are taken on this culinary journey in the time-honored tradition of sharing meals made with passion, together.

“I am always striving to create an individualized dining experience that is both refined, yet unexpected for my clients to enjoy with their guests. Constantly evolving and changing, my cuisine is inspired by my continuous travels as well as my Latin and Caribbean roots. I value using the best of locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients, free-range natural meats and clean, sustainably harvested seafood with an emphasis on rich flavors and aesthetically pleasing dishes”

- Antonio Candelario, Chef, Founder

* Your event can be as small as a romantic table of two, or a small gathering up to 40 guests. My services as a private chef include preparing, serving, and offering detailed explanations for each dish, as well as ensuring that your kitchen looks exactly as it did when we arrived.