Chef & Host Antonio Candelario 

I began my culinary journey way back to when I was a young boy playing in my grandma’s kitchen In New York City and during my trips to the Dominican Republic. Born and raised in NYC and growing up in a Latin Caribbean family, I started experimenting and researching everything I could find on different cultures and their culinary heritage. This inspired me in my early 20's to travel all over the world seeking out foods and flavor from many places including Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, India, Brazil, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Peru and parts of the Caribbean to name a few. I’ve has spent the last 20 years cooking for private clients and hosting small dinner events with an excited to share my love and passion for food.

I’m committed to providing meals that are elevated, health conscious and delicious. We take pride in supporting the community of local farmer and sustainable agriculture by using local, and seasonal produce as well as free-range natural meats and clean, sustainably harvested fish.

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